Posted: March 10, 2015 7:14am

The Easter holidays are now just around the corner and for many of us this will be the first sighting of sun since August!

It is now time to start preparing, so today I am sharing my top tips and what I will be doing to feel beach ready and I mean feel as it is all in our head.

I think you firstly have to be realistic, there is no point looking at a twenty five year old Victoria Secrets model and feeling bad. That is their job and they have nothing else to do than keep themselves in shape.

At some point you have to accept your own shape and own it , as the americans say.  The most beautiful women are the ones that are happy in themselves regardless of a few pounds. If you do want to tone up , just start there is no point in waiting for a good time , there never is.

Having a tan makes me feel better and you look slimmer.

I have started taking these Imedeen Tan Optimizer  pills. You take the tablet once a day, for a month before you are exposed to the sun. I normally spray tan but when I go away, I like to take a break and sunbath a little, obviously with SPF. I have noticed over the years, that my skin is  changing  and that  I don’t tan as evenly as I used to.

I took these last year before the summer and I tanned better and I also noticed I didn’t suffer from prickly heat, those horrible bumps I have been tending to suffer from.


First Tan I have had in years thanks to Imeedeen


Next it is time to up your exercise routine or if I  haven’t time, then I normally do a couple of weeks of the low carb  diet from the Body Chef.

I have no willpower I hate cooking and I find if I pay for the food, it is all there and ready and I tend not to cheat.

This company are so easy to deal with and are one of the most reasonable out there. You will not be hungry and they help you work it around your lifestyle.  If you don’t have a lot of time and need results, this is what I would do. They deliver all over the UK.


Last Summer Post Diet need to get back to that flat tummy


Share with me your top tips and we will be posting lots more on our pre holiday preparation.




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