Posted: November 30, 2014 10:09am

As the festive season seems to be rushing in and there is not much time to spare if I can suggest one more thing to add to your list take the time to visit Reclectic at the East London Design Show (Truman Brewery) 4th – 7th December.  Thanks to a mutual friend I managed to get a preview of this exciting new designer furniture last week with the founder Tamara Broido.

Despite a background in law and advertising Tamara’s first love has always been decorative art and as she says herself her home is a testament to this. So when her rather famous artist brother, Jonty Hurwitz, came up with a new technique to transfer photographs onto  furniture for his daughter’s birthday present  she could no longer contain her passion and Reclectic was born.



While her brother came up with this innovative  technique Tamara now has an exceptional artistic team working with her, Otto Pierrotto and Niina Keks. Tamara will source the individual pieces and use her in-depth knowledge of the history of design and decorative arts, and their artistry, to conceive which image will reflect  best the history and heritage of the piece of furniture, they will lovingly transpose these image and bring them to life.


Each piece is unique and done by hand, however delivery times our similar to those eight weeks you have to wait for the dodgy sofa from the local company and  each time you look at it you see something new.  So if you can, make time and be one of the first to capture these beautiful pieces of art, and if you can’t quite make the exhibition check it out  at Reclectic and you can always make an appointment in the New Year.




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