Posted: November 7, 2018 4:44am

I have long been looking for a pair of waterproof boots to wear this Winter.  Most, including Uggs, make my feet look enormous.  I spotted the Emu slippers last year, they are truly spectacular and are properly soled so you can wear them outside (size up in the slippers as narrow ).


It is the rain that gets me, and thus, I have ruined so many pairs of shoes and boots, risking them in the rain and ending up with water marks!

The Emu waterproof boots are simply brilliant as they do not make your feet look huge, are as comfortable as Uggs but are waterproof.

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They make so many different styles but my favourite is the Paterson Classic (elongates your legs).

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I ordered my own size and they are firm for the first couple of days but they have moulded themselves to my feet now. If in doubt size up as they are firm with little give. I have had to wear mine in but they were stiff for the first few days.

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I was tempted to size up but now I am glad I worked through the first couple of days.  At £129, compared to £195 for Uggs, which are just not flattering on bigger sized feet.

I have also ordered them for my kids and husband!

Check out EMU Australia online

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