Posted: August 5, 2015 3:50pm

I am honoured to be supporting such a well run charity- Wellbeing of Women– and in conjunction with my partner in crime, Deborah Sheridan Smith, we will be hosting an event at Jimmy Choo for them.

We don’t need any excuse to hit the shops, so we this week we headed to the Jimmy Choo Sloane Street branch to prepare i.e a great excuse to try one every shoe in the shop.

Jimmy Choo have generously donated  15 % of what is sold at the event on the 30th of September to Wellbeing of Women; this money is much needed to continue the sterling research into areas such as cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, recurrent miscarriage and endometrioses.


With three girls between us, both Deborah and I felt really strongly from the outset that the funding of this work is crucial.

We both also felt that if people are going to spend, then lets make it an investment piece- and no better place than Jimmy Choo to find it! From the moment I spied Sarah Jessica Parker in her Jimmy Choos, in Sex in the City all those years ago, I was smitten. We are both super careful where we spend our money; styling and blogging are after all not famed for its earning potential.

We also wanted people to gain from Deborah’s amazing eye for spotting the stand out pieces, and I wanted to ensure that the items are wearable and comfortable. We all have heels that look divine but are crippling.

2013-01-11 03.13.02

Lets start with our stand out shoe- that has to be the Trinny. Not only only does this shoes look beautiful and super flattering on your foot, they are still so comfortable. Neither Deborah nor I wanted to take them off.

2013-01-11 03.41.08


This is why Choo Jimmy has kept its crown; the ‘choos’ just are so great to wear, in our mid forties our days of teetering around are well behind us.  The elastic ankle strap keeps the shoe in place and gives extra support. This is a heel you can work in, walk in  and dance in!


2013-01-11 03.39.50

I also have to add in the Hoops, this is the Jimmy Choo variation on the tie up and I adore it. My foot looked so elegant, and this piece will elevate any outfit. Again it fit like a glove and my foot felt really supported and comfortable. Yes Zara will do a copy but this is something you can actually function in and look forward to wearing.

2013-01-11 03.49.30


I wanted to leave with the Abel which is my favourite pump by Jimmy Choo; there wasn’t an outfit Deborah or I could think off which wouldn’t look enhanced by this off white shoe. Nothing beats an off white pump with a pair of simple jeans and a white shirt.

2013-01-11 03.51.07


We also fell in love with the stand out pieces- maybe not so practical but still lust worthy !

2013-01-11 03.48.21


Can you imagine appearing to Christmas Lunch or a Christmas party in the Lilyth, featured above on Deborah .

I bought a Jimmy Choo handbag to go on my honeymoon over 10 years ago and I still have it .

There are some other stand out pieces, which Deborah picked out.

The Rebel is our bag of the season. We both adored the practical shape- you can fit all you need in there. It has a crossbody but also can be used on the shoulder. The edgy finish adds that bit of va va voom to any outfit .

2013-01-11 03.07.04



2013-01-11 03.07.08

I am looking for a work bag- Deborah selected the Riley for me. The colour is not something I would normally go for but when I tried it, I could see how it just works so well .


2013-01-11 04.31.12


Don’t forget the sunglasses, belts, perfumes and scarves! The prices are affordable and the finish is exquisite.


2013-01-11 03.42.07

2013-01-11 03.58.34

2013-01-11 03.59.28


2013-01-11 04.16.06

This belt is called the Brenda and it is the perfect way to make your clothes work harder. I have so many jumpsuits where this belt would really work.

Jimmy Choo has so many forever investment pieces that are worth saving up for . We are all so tempted by the highstreet, but how much of it will you still be wearing in 10 years?

I also have to add how helpful and welcoming the staff were- a particular thank you to Phillippa and Vanessa.

If you would like to attend this charity event and support Wellbeing of Women please email Emily:

unnamed (15)

Look forward to seeing you there !






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