Posted: March 20, 2017 5:38am

I am a woman who believes in comfort but I also want to look good and at this time of year I start to wean myself off tracksuit bottoms and gravitate to a muu muu.

A muu muu is a dress you throw over your head and just don’t have to think about what you are wearing.  I think it is Hawaiian in its origins but I first heard the word in America.  Also look for Mexican wedding dresses as they are so similar.

muu muu

Firstly, you have got to get the right one:

Don’t go too voluminous; this looks great in photos but there is the danger that you can look like you are disguising a pregnancy and this is dangerous territory!  Semi fitted is the way to go.  These are easier to wear than the Russian folk dresses.

Avoid synthetic materials, think cotton or silk.  Also go for a simple design and I prefer sleeves and a midi length.

There are so many in your local vintage shop or check Etsy or Ebay.  I bought mine at Little Tienda, they are so beautifully made and I have been wafting around the house and beyond in mine since it arrived this week.  You can also search for Oaxacan dresses on these sites.

little Tienda

Wear with white trainers or slides and right now I am wearing with a lightweight trench.  There are so many super expensive designer options but this is something you don’t have to spend big money on.  Also check out Zara as I spotted a brilliant one this week.

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