Posted: April 3, 2015 8:38am

I am Marbella where the sun is shining but the wind is up and I would pay anything for a windbreaker! I know some of you are heading out to Spain soon, layer up as in the sunshine it is hot but there is a really cool wind blowing.

Or else you will end up with your hair  inch deep in sand..

2015-04-02 13.58.02
Blue ski but so windy , shirt by Massimo Dutti, shorts Isabel Marant

When I get back to London I will be ordering one of these beach windbreakers from Everything is illustrated. I had ordered a pile of their gorgeous glasses cloths to get me through the sunglasses season but didn’t think I would need a windbreaker in Spain!

The windbreakers are 100 %cotton and come with a carry bag, shoulder strap and the relevant poles. What sets it aside is the gorgeous design, Everything is Illustrated are a husband and wife team Nick and Charlie Goldsmith , they want to provide beautifully illustrated practical objects and to do this they collaborate with the best illustrators from around the world.

With the weather what it is in the UK and Ireland these windbreakers are really worth investing in and they are well priced.


I love the glasses cloths they come in different designs and are packaged in gorgeous tins to keep them safe.

2015-03-10 20.34.06

The cloths are so beautifully made and make well priced gifts too.

2015-03-10 20.34.04


2015-03-10 20.34.02


2015-03-10 20.34.00-2


I love when you find a divine well run local company, take a look at Everything is Illustrated, they also do placemats and what sets them apart it the beauty of the images they select and the top end quality of the designs.

2015-04-02 10.06.23

Wishing you all a great holiday weekend and off to brave the winds of Marbella!!



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