Posted: February 11, 2016 11:28am

I had seen the product on Instagram, but wasn’t sure if it was another gimmick.

It is not! If you buy one make up product this month, make it Wunder Brow


I have tried so many product; make up, eye brow pencils, as well as expensive eye brow treatments, but nothing works as well as Wonder Brow.

You have to decide on the right colour – I went for brown but I think blond would have been dark enough for me.  This is a product that works well with brows that are well shaped. I have mine threaded every six weeks and this product allows me to keep them looking good in between.

Wunder Brow

It is so easy to use, adds volume to the area’s of my eyebrow that are a bit sparse, and holds my own brows in place. Mine tend to stick out at odd angles. They also add a colour to them so I no longer have them dyed. I found when I dyed my eyebrows, they tended to be too dark, so I have dropped having them coloured and use Wunderbrow to darken the  tone.

As the product contains tiny fibres, this is what adds volume and the product sits on top of the brows.

The product does stay on – I topped it up every couple of days and it does look a lot more natural than eye brow pencil .

I got mine online at Boots.


This is another tip from Hannah Stafford Taylor, thank you for sharing !


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