Posted: November 13, 2018 6:41am

I have been struggling with my beauty posts lately.

I don’t like to share unless I am sure something is worth the money as there is just so much hype out there.

As one ages, less is more.  Things you could get away with in your 30’s start to look ‘drag queen like’ in your 40’s.

I have tried eyelash extensions before and they normally don’t work for me as I am too clumsy and lazy for the upkeep.  At the same time the eyelashes and brows do lift and frame your face.  I have also had my brows over-dyed in the past and with my blonde hair this can look like a dodgy cartoon.

unnamed (12)
This is my second eye lash lift and it means I don’t have to worry about eyelash curlers or mascara.  It really does wonders if you are tired, my eyes tend to droop, and it is a super natural look which is very youthful.

I worried that they would go spiky but you end up with wonderfully open lashes that really do lift your face.

Brilliant for a special event or before you go on holiday.  The process itself took around 50 minutes including a tint and it cost £60.  You cannot get your eyelashes wet for 12 hours after and it doesn’t sting at all.


I had HD brows done at the same time and it meant the time flew by.

I paid for the treatment and Lucy took such good care of me and listened to my fear of looking like an extra from Love Island! My eyelash naturally are long but they have no lift and you can see the effect below!

unnamed (13)

Best of all she comes to my home so I was able to fit it in around work and the children.  Lucy is a force of nature and is one of the most talented beauticians I have used in many years.  With so many average therapists out there, with little training or experience, it is a breath of fresh air to come across someone who truly knows her stuff.

Lucy does my nails, waxing, eyelashes and brows and is also fantastic for facials too. Happy to travel all over London and if you are popping to London on holiday she will come to your hotel.

I paid full price for my treatments and am not sponsored, I just know how hard it is to find someone reliable particularly at this time of the year.

You can book on line at Agape Treatments the robe is from Aloe London.

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