Posted: December 24, 2014 10:50am


It is ChristmasEve, regardless of whethere you celebrate or not, there is an excitement not present on any other day. Along with jewellery, perfume sales at this time of the year sky rocket. It is a hard thing to buy for other people, I never do unless I have been given a clear hint of what they like.

Perfume is something I buy for myself and it is an affordable pick me up!

I love perfume but I hate the fact that you spray it on and 5 minutes later it is gone!

I have experimented with many along the way, the first being the Body Shop White Musk, now it seems so sweet but back at University it was all the rage that or patchoueli.

I then embraced Eternity and I still love the smell as it brings back memories of those carefree early years in my career. I dabbled with Angel but luckily dropped that habit , when a kind male friend of mine explained that it gave most men a headache.

I loved Daviddoff Cool Water in the summer and it is still reminds me of sea and sand when I smell it.

All these bringback so many memories, that is why in my mind one of the reasons, perfume is so important



So what are my favourites now?

I have tested many perfumes and these are the ones I think last the best,without being too overpowering and which don’t have that headache inducing quality some stronger perfumes tend to have.


1) From Guerlain Toyko, this is very hard to find but worth the search.It is a great light fresh green tea smell but it lingers!

2) Comme des Garcons 3, this is perfect for the daytime and has a very tart smell .

3) Chloe  this is such a lovely light fragrance but again doesn’t dissapear quickly.

4) Diptyque L’Ombre Dans L’Eau,  a great friend of mine wears this and I love the smell it is so earthy but sensuous.



In the evening I love a stronger scent and I cannot recommend Tom Ford’s range highly enough as they really linger and I love the oriental twist.

My true favourites of the moment is Byredo, you cannot beat this range for longevity and deph of frangrance. I like to build up a fragrance by using the body wash and the moisturiser,then you get a lovely enduring scent.




Also here are some practial tips to getting your perfume to last longer!

1) Apply to your pulse points, as these are warmer and help to diffuse the fragrance better.

2) Don’t rub your wrists together after applying perfume this damages the scent

3) Apply a little spray to your hair, this really works but as perfume includes alcohol do this from a bit of a distance.

4) In the evening I apply a little vasaline to my pulse points and then apply the perfume, this stops the pefume being absorbed into your pores.

Wishing you all a lovely holidays, currently having a fabulous time at home in Dublin.

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