Posted: November 30, 2019 7:37pm

I spotted this quote on Instragram and I just felt it captured how I feel about dressing at this stage in my life!

‘Feel like a woman, dress with the ease and power of a man’

What this means for me is that I want to feel attractive and good about myself but I haven’t got the patience for complicated outfits.  I want to be able to move, work and get things done!

So many outfits that we see on social media are so contrived and you just know that they have been put on for attention or ‘likes’.

Men, on the whole, just don’t bother with trends and keep it simple, saving their money and time.

Since I have embraced a simpler way of dressing, I am spending a hell of a lot less and I just love wearing my clothes more.

The joy of putting something on and actually enjoying the feel of the fabric on your skin is crucial to me. Again, I cannot thank my friends enough for getting me to abandon the fads and to check the labels.

If you buy a quality item of clothing right, it lasts and you get such joy out of wearing it again and again. The vintage tuxedo jacket is the hardest working blazer in my wardrobe as is the dress below from Alessandra Jane.

The suit in the header picture is from J Crew and I spotted it in a charity shop. It is 100% wool and is a joy to wear.

Think about what you gravitate to most in your wardrobe and the items that make you feel good about yourself.  By holding off buying the average it means that you can save up for the truly show stopping items, like the coat below from Antonio Berardi (sample sale find).

Rid yourself of anything that you don’t feel good in yourself or that is uncomfortable; life is just too short.  Think about what men spend their money on:

  • A great suit
  • simple blazer
  • best coat they can afford
  • a classic shirt and t-shirts
  • jeans / trousers

Thinking of clothes like this really helps to avoid the trappings and dross which we woman are bombarded with.

Keeping the key elements of your wardrobe simple means that you can save for better accessories, be they shoes, bags, jewellery or sunglasses.

Below are some of my favourite pieces and definitely worth keeping an eye out for in the sales.  Also, don’t forget to check all the preloved sites first as you can often find these pieces for less.  Nearly all the pieces featured are items that I have tracked down second hand.






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