Posted: January 9, 2017 4:18am

Fenwick is now my place to go if I want to touch, feel and try on; which you have to do sometimes to better judge sizing, quality and check out new brands.

The last time I visited Fenwick I felt there wasn’t enough of the brands I like but this has now changed and the store is offering an array of really wearable clothes.

By wearable, I mean clothes that are beautifully cut, classic yet still with a bit of a twist.

At Fenwick there is no wading through reams of unaffordable, mostly outlandish clothes, instead I found rows of great trousers, tops, jackets and coats.  Even the more expensive brands are chosen because the pieces are breathtakingly beautiful and worth saving up for.  Check out this Vanessa Seward cape, below, one of my favourite finds.

Fenwick Bond Street
Vanessa Seward Cape

There are enough brands to give you choice but it is not overwhelming.  When I have too much choice I just end up not buying anything as I always feel there will be something better around the corner.  I also tend not to try things on if the store is too big as you have to carry them around and I end up losing momentum and just dumping the clothes!

The staff were very helpful and willing to track down pieces from other branches of Fenwick but they also realized I just wanted time to think and didn’t hassle me.

Best of all I just felt very at home, so I tried on piles of things and found loads of amazing pieces.  This was down to the fact that the store is quite compact and I could run in and out to try on other things without any bother.

LK Bennett Coat
LK Bennett Coat

On one floor I found great shirts and sweaters from Tibi.  The cut is superb and the materials super soft.  I know these cuts work for me so it worth investing a bit more.

Tibi Off the Shoulder Shirt
Tibi Off the Shoulder Shirt
Tibi Shirt
Tibi Cold Shoulder Shirt

Carven always bring out one great sweater every year and this one has been on my radar, it is a classic piece I can wear every year.

carven sweater
Carven Sweater

Dresses, I just never buy them but I do have a couple of events coming up and the Moshino dress again gives you a tiny waist, and I like the fact that it is not too formal.


They did not have the Max Mara dress in my size but it is worth taking a look at as the fit is classic but not frumpy.  Sorry about the Ugg stained feet below!!

Max Mara dress
Max Mara

Toteme, is one of those brands I always lust after but never feel like I can spend the money but I think it will be on my Birthday Wish List.


I did buy the Sofie D’Hoore dress and I know I will wear it in the Spring, it is so well cut and one of those dresses which you can pull on and always look well dressed.

dsc02389On the floor below I fell in love with brands such as Parosh, the jumpsuits are well cut and give you an amazing line, also Tibi had a brilliant off the shoulder one.

Parosh Jumpsuit
Parosh Piratax Jumpsuit


Tibi Jumpsuit
Tibi Jumpsuit

I revisited Goat and Fenwick have a wonderful LK Bennett collection. I had dismissed LK Bennett in the past but some of the dresses were cut so well and I ended up buying a fabulous tuxedo style one.  The Goat skirt featured below is so useful but I went instead for a Joseph one which I can wear in the day.

Goat Skirt

I loved this pink Tibi coat but it is not my colour.

Tibi Pink Coat

I feel like Fenwick is going to help me on my quest to buy more grown up, practical clothes and hopefully curb me from buying more joggers/sweatshirts, jeans and statement shirts from HM and Zara.  Also Instagram is fabulous and I feel like I want to try and bring people something different.

I need day dresses and skirts, well cut trousers and classic shirts. I spend so much on clothes (OK, a lot less than I used to) and I want to end 2017 with a wardrobe which I only need to add the odd piece too.

I am so tired of the constant merry go round of what is in and am old enough to know that a lot of these pieces just don’t have longevity.  I go back to what my friend Deborah always says, buying random bits and pieces is like eating sweets, you just don’t get full and are left craving something else.

All the pieces featured were shot at Fenwick Bond Street, this is not a sponsored post.





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