Posted: September 17, 2021 3:43pm

…Not what you didn’t have in the first place.

Filler has had such a bad rap for many years.  It was definitely not a treatment that I was keen on trying.

Whilst filler often looks fabulous on Instagram, when you see it up close it can look really fake and leave a ‘sex doll’ like appearance.

I did have filler a few months ago; not one single person noticed because it was done correctly with the right product.  Most importantly, I was not trying to create new features that I didn’t have before.

I had noticed that my eyes were starting to droop, and having loads of photos taken, I could compare over time and it was something which has happened this year.

After a chat with Dr Surbhi, she explained that the sagging was due to my skull shrinking.  The medical term is bone deflation and it starts from the age of about 30.  The bones of the older female show that her eye socket is larger, the angle of her lower jaw bone has dropped and the angle of her brow is reduced.

Ageing causes our eye sockets to enlarge, and the angle of the bones beneath our eyebrows decreases which could contribute to the formation of frown lines on our foreheads, known as crow’s feet, at the corners of our eyes together with droopy lower eyelids.  This is where adding back the lost volume is key to keeping a youthful appearance.

(Image: © Howard Langstein/University of Rochester Medical Center.)

As the bone around the side of my eyebrows has shrunk, my eyebrows had started to slip down slightly. Adding a small amount of filler to this area just gave me back what I had before, hence why it wasn’t noticeable.

It is crucial to have a filler injected by a qualified practitioner as the eye area is so incredibly delicate, get it wrong and the blood supply to the tissue can be cut off, which can cause terrible complications.

Please also check what product is being used.  Dr. Surbhi used Belotero on my temples as it has lots of different densities to suit the area being injected. I have also had my lips done, something I swore I would never do, but no one noticed ( the first two days they are a bit puffy) but it has made a huge difference.

Very importantly, your doctor should show you the package unopened and the expiry date.

Belotero is made from hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in your skin.  It works by binding with the water naturally found in your skin, smoothing lines and filling in creases.  Belotero is also one of the filler’s least likely to cause an immune response from your body, or that bluish tinge that some fillers can cause.

Another brand of filler to look out for is Vivacy, it contains Mannitol, which is a type of sugar alcohol which reduces swelling; brilliant for lips.  This filler is the best to restore lip volume and it has a soft look which avoids the giveaway ‘work done’ look which is so often the case with lip filler.  Favoured by the French, the Vivacy brand of fillers is also all about giving you back what you had.

Forget trout pouts and freakish cheekbones, look at an old photo and focus on what you had, not something you never had (even if you really wanted it!) in the first place.

A great doctor ensures that you have the right treatment.  What I love about Dr. Surbhi is that she treats her patients as if she is her own sister, best friend, mother or daughter.  You always feel special and she is looking for a long term improvement, not quick fixes.

Filler lasts for six months to a year and prices are from £300.

Without doubt, I always have my filler done by Dr. Surbhi – contact her on 07841 356 906 I am not sponsored and I pay my way!



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