Posted: September 16, 2014 6:20am

As you all know I love a jumpsuit, I love the simplicity of not having to think about what to wear on top or bottom and they are just so comfortable. This grey one from Zara is one of the  bloggers Autumn favourites and will end up sold out and selling for a premium on Ebay, so get your hands on it if you can. The material universally flattering grey colour and tailored fit make it such a great buy.

The shoes are the super comfortable flats from Celine but the High Street are doing fantastic versions. Don’t be scared of this  type of shoe, I see it as a grown up version of the  trainer, it will also gives you more warmth then a ballet flat or slipper in the winter. When the weather is colder layer this jumpsuit with a fur vest.

I would swap the flats for a shoe boot in the evening

I am looking for a white winter jumpsuit, have you seen any if you have share them with us!










Zara have a great array of Jumpsuits and again at prices that allow you to invest in a trend , the red one below to buy now as would be a perfect Christmas party outfit. Don’t be afraid of going backless, Marks and Spencer have fantastic bras that deal with how to pull this look off!





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