Posted: August 14, 2014 12:47am

So we are here in Los Angeles for the rest of August, we have rented a house in Playa Del Rey, it was so hard to decide where to stay. I wanted the children to have a good time but also didn’t want to be too far out,  so I could enjoy the shops and restaurants of Los Angeles. My lovely husband, did lots of research and Santa Monica seemed the best bet, close to the city, airport and on the beach. We couldn’t find any houses so Playa Del Rey was the next place we could find along the coast.

Obviously being close to the airport you hear the planes but somehow you get used to it. The beach is exactly how I envisoned and there is a superb camp called Camp Awesome ,  five minutes from the house so the kids can make friends.  You do have to drive everywhere so being closer to Marina Del Rey is preferable, if you want to be able to walk to places. Lucky for me we had to pick up our rental car from Beverely Hills and we had lunch on Robertson, this is a lovely street to shop and the Newsroom cafe is a lovely place to have lunch

I was so excited to get the children in the sea, so on Sunday  we headed to Malibu, 25 minutes away but a gorgeous drive along the sea. It  truly lives up to all the pictures we have seen on TV. We had lunch at Geoffreys, overlooking the sea and swam in the sea by the Pier.

On the way there we stopped at the Getty Villa, it is so impressive to see such gorgeous artifacts in the middle of Malibu.

With the children happy I have been working out American style! I can see how it is the home of Barry’s Bootcamp and Soul Cycle, they push it to the limit. I have been trying Studio MDR, imagine your hardest workout ever  on a reformer!

So what to pack for LA? It is very relaxed and shorts, shirts, sweatshirts, joggers and jeans are the way to go. In the evening I would wear a jumpsuit. Bring hoodies, cardigans and a couple of sweaters and blazers as it is cool at night

A typical LA outfit I  am wearing white shorts by Zara, shirt by Chloe, bag by Mar y Sol and slides by Celine. The small purse is also Celine. The perfect size for holding my camera, wallet and sunglasses. Sunglasses from Fendi.

Please share any top tips with me!










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