Posted: June 26, 2015 12:42pm

I love fashion and clothing and am so chameleon like , I can go from hippy to preppy to grungy all in one week.

At the weekends I want to look good but also I have so much running around to do with the children that I need to be comfortable.

Hanging out with some amazing stylists  ( yes Deborah that is you), that I am coming to the conclusion that I look best and feel best, in a fabulous pair of jeans and a white shirt of t-shirt.


2015-06-17 12.45.54

Last summer, I stockpiled jeans in LA , they are just so much cheaper and the choice is endless. Here in London head to  either Triolgy, Luxe Layers, Donna Ida or if you have the stamina Selfridges, if you need a new pair. They all have great sales on at the moment.


2015-06-17 12.46.12

One of my favourite denim brands is Lucky Brand, I  haven’t seen the brand here but if you are heading to the US take a look. In summer look out for lightweight denim or moved to distressed denim .

2015-06-17 12.46.16

You cannot beat a great white shirt the one I am wearing here is  from Zara but ASOS have a very similar one . I love distressed denim in Summer, it just is much easier to wear in the heat. Don’t be scared of this look, once you have tried you will be hooked.


2015-06-17 12.46.10


I think this look is a classic and I always go back to it , if it was good enough for Marilyn it is good enough for me !


Wishing you all a fabulous weekend.

I have attached my favourite pieces to inspire you, there is nothing better to spend the weekend in, than a great pair of f**ked up jeans and a pristine white shirt.


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