Posted: January 24, 2018 3:10pm

I thought this folk top trend would have burnt out by now but it is a keeper and the tops are not just for Summer.

I wear mine all year round, mostly with jeans, and then throw it over shorts or a swimsuit in the Summer.  I know it is not new or innovative but certain styles just work and become classics.

Just don’t buy anything too heavy, this one below used to be a dress and I had it cut into a top and have worn it much more since.  The lady who made them doesn’t make it any more and I always get so many requests whenever I feature it so I felt it was time to have a look and see what else is out there.

CWSG 7-11-17-0016


March 11 is the go-to brand for the fashionista’s and you can pick them up preloved or in the sales.  Otherwise they are so expensive, however, I did spot a few on The Real Real in exactly the same style as my one above, they also have a couple of red ones.  You do have to pay customs/duty but it is still a fraction of what you would pay normally.  The detailing is beautiful and I love that they button down the front which makes them so much easier to wear.

CWSG 7-11-17-0013

I also spotted a lovely one on Vestiaire Collective from Talitha.

Revolve also have a few on sale and they have the slightly lower priced line from March 11.  I spotted a few on the site Gilt too.

CWSG 7-11-17-0021

Your other option is Etsy which where I would look if I didn’t have mine.  Just search for Ukrainian folk blouses – there are loads.  There are also so many sellers on Ebay; I found this one and this one, just enter Ukranian/Vyshyvanka tops. I adore this one too from Yiorgos Koulasidis.

If you already have a folk top then check out these ones below for some statement pieces, again all on sale!  I have checked the new season arrivals and it’s more of the same so you might as well buy the pieces which are now on sale!




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