Posted: July 1, 2016 2:20pm

I just love this  quote on the the advert to the new Absolutely Fabulous  movie and with all the bad news, I know some people with think me a bit childish, it made me smile.

It also made me think about my relationships with other women,  with the school term coming to an end, it is a time we often take stock and evaluate.

I am tired of  mean girls, I thought in my 40’s this phenomena would behind me.

No they are still around, those girls that, never have anything nice to say about anyone or anything.  I think when our kids were younger, we could blame it on sleepless nights but now the excuses have run out for these ‘Debbie Downers’.

I really find the constant moaning and complaining draining, I always wonder where they have the time or interest to have worry about such mundane issues as what biscuits the kids get at snack, whether their child has their music lesson moved or the request for money for a teacher’s gifts.

Absolutely Fabulous

Most of these women live fabulous lives but they just don’t see it.  I think it is too much time on your hands to think about things that are just not important, or maybe they just don’t get told like I do, as I have my down days too, to  Get On with It!

I have become a lot more radical about removing myself from such people, in the past I would have seen it as a challenge to change them ( YOU CAN’T) .

Absolutely Fabulous

Surround yourself with people who are kind and supportive and who are positive about life.

I try to be a good friend, I  get it wrong, let people down but I hope most of them forgive me as they know we are all juggling so many things .

I am blessed to have such amazing , glorious friends, (you know who you are) and without you life would be much harder and they bring light, laughter and insight.

Absolutely Fabulous

This weekend lets celebrate friendships and all it brings to our lives. With all the turmoil in the world, friendships need to be cherished.

Absolutely fabulous


Ladies I salute you!

Featured here with one of my partners in crime Deborah Sheridan Taylor, when I get together with this woman, it is like being 16 again and off to your first disco, the excitement the drama, knows no end.  We are both  besotted by clothes, all clothes specially bargains, I will be sharing some of what we found on our travels in the next weeks !



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