Posted: January 27, 2017 6:21am

I have been thinking about this for a while.  Many of us spend so much time shopping, be it online, stalking Instagram or hitting the shops, yet I know I complain that I  still have nothing to wear.

If shopping becomes a hobby then we can mistake the joy we get from surfing different sites (blogging has given justification to this hobby for me) to actually curating a functioning wardrobe.

New Balance for J Crew


This got me thinking on how to put together a great wardrobe and why been so quiet on the blogging front this week. Blogging can fuel the uncontrolled consumption and a kind of unhappiness with what you have. I don’t want that on my conscience, so I have tried to summarizes my thoughts and what I have learned over the years.

Wardrobe Triumviate

Sell before you buy:  You have to get into the habit of this, otherwise you just cannot see what you have in your wardrobe and end you up grabbing what is first to hand in the morning.  It also reminds us of what pieces work and what pieces don’t.  It has taught me a valuable lesson in terms of which items to spend my money on as you realize how little some brands are really worth when you come to resell them.  You have to be radical and this means selling good stuff. This is the hard bit but if it doesn’t suit your life style or you SELL IT.


I am selling this coat below, as although it’s beautiful, it’s also a tad too small and though I love how leopard print looks on others, every time I think of wearing this coat I end up going for another one instead. It is so easy to see a piece on someone else love it buy it but it sometimes just doesn’t work. That’s why knowing what suits you and sticking to it is the best way forward. Check out our eBay shop Nw8closet for how we do it.



I have now cleared these Valentino shoes, as again the tie detail is just too fussy for me and the block heel is just not my style. I wasted my money as I bought these in a rush for an event.


I am also clearing this fur cape as I have one which I prefer more and never end up wearing this one. I have realized when I like something I have a tendency to keep buying more, it happened with jumpsuits, sweatshirts, when will I learn my lesson. I am happy to help you decide who to use if you haven’t the time to do it yourself. Just email us on


Choose well and cherish:  I have struggled with this as I am so drawn to the ‘fashion bandwagon’ and I find it easier to buy those lower priced items.  All those £25 tops add up and I guarantee you won’t want to wear them next year.  Really look at your wardrobe and write down outfits; in this way you can see what is missing and shop for these pieces. I live in tracksuits and needed a pair of shoes to dress them up so I hunted down these Celine flats, new with their labels from Vestiare Collective at a fraction of the new price.


Find your uniform, get a stylist if you need one, if you don’t know one then email us as I have so many brilliant ones I can recommend.  They are are no more expensive than a good personal trainer. I work with clothes and love it but if you don’t use someone who will make it easy for you.



I think the third element is what I call the optimize the Wardrobe Formula:

This is all about finding the right balance, and is again, something I am really working on this year.  As you get older you have to tweak the balance away from vintage, the highstreet and emerging brands to more investment pieces.  I often buy my investment pieces preloved, and no, it isn’t as easy as hitting Zara but I know that I will keep those pieces longer and they just fit better.

Magic Wardrobe

I am not at 60% classic pieces yet but in 2017 I am working towards it.  So press the halt button on Zara and look at more investment pieces.

The end result will be less clutter and quicker decision making in the mornings.  Life is too busy to worry about what to wear!


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