Posted: April 26, 2017 5:45am

I adore the site Free People and have been a visitor ever since I visited one of their stores in LA.  Nothing beats their array of Summer clothes, especially dresses.  I bought a sweater dress a few years ago and it is still one of my favourites.

At this time of year we all become obsessed by finding that perfect dress and Instagram is awash with suggestions.  I find dresses and jumpsuits hard to find for the Summer.  I am away for most of the time and it is hot, which is clearly a good thing, however, what I can wear in London is not suitable for Spain or France and I am very mindful of this now; when I look at dresses and jumpsuits.

Free People


Think…where am I going to be wearing the dress and what am I going to be doing?

Dresses/jumpsuits break down into these sections in my wardrobe:

Pieces to wear over swimwear to the beach/pool or wander on the promenade.

I want to be able to tan so I can only bear cotton and something easy to get on and off.

The playsuit below is perfect as is lightweight, not too short, yet is perfect to throw over a bikini or to wear for sightseeing – or check out the sahara coord but I am not that keen on the gingham. 41518135_015_aI love the midi length and the drape of the dress featured below or the jumpsuit – it a great comfy option to take you from the beach to drinks.


I love that the dress below is a cross between a dress and a top and the button down form is exactly what I have been looking for.


I have so many dresses in this style and I love that this one has the arms covered and though flowy is taped at the top and not see through.  It’s great by the sea in the evening when there is a breeze.  Check out the Georgie dress if you want something less voluminous.


Moving onto evenings, the dresses below are the ones I have my eye on:

I adore this skirt and top combination as it is something I would wear back in London too.  I also love the cobalt blue trouser option.



For a more formal dinner check out the Chelsea dress featured below


This wrap dress is £98 and would be perfect for Marbella or the South of France in July and August.


I will be heading to the Kings Road store to try on as many as I can when I get a chance.

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