Posted: March 2, 2016 8:14am

One of my favourite things about Spring is being able to start wearing dresses again. I am not keen on tights , so I seldom wear dresses in Winter.

A s soon as the first rays of sunshine emerge and it starts to get warmer in March,  I want to be ready. Dresses are ready made outfits,  making packing so much easier, with three weeks before the next set of school holidays.

What will I be wearing ?  Nothing beats a great floaty dress.  When I popped in to check out Hannah Stafford Taylor’s wardrobe, I found the best selection of wearable dresses and I want to share our top tips for finding them.

The ultimate Summer Dress Guide

Hannah has collected hers over the years and I have too. I think long and hard before I buy, it can be so tempting once the Topshop, ASOS and Zara new season emails start flooding in, especially as we have been starved by colour for months.


So why a floaty boho dress?

I think they are so comfortable, when the weather is changeable like at Easter, if you head away you can throw a denim jacket or oversized knit on top and you are done. When it is hot they keep you cool as nothing clings. There are so many shapes and lengths so try on loads to get the shape that fits you.

They are timeless and never go out of fashion and for me there is no age limit either.

Freepeople Summer Dress

Another big plus for me, is that you don’t have to have tanned legs and if I do get attacked by mosquitoes, then the worst is covered.

This is a look that is perfect in the city too, no one wants to invest in dresses they can only wear a couple of times a year.

Spring Dresses

Lets start with the Holy Grail of all things floaty and boho like, this brand was the insider secret of all those who were lucky enough to hangout in the South of France but now the brand  Blue is online at This one pictured below, is called the Raffaela the detailing and fit are perfection but is expensive. They do have some other options, which are are on sale.

This is the brand that girl will be wearing at breakfast when you are away, looking effortless and now you will know where she got the dress, Blue.

Blue the perfect Summer Dress

It doesn’t get better than this,the embroidery,the cut is just spot on, they are works of art you will want to wear for ever.

Blue the Perfect Summer Dress

One of my favourite places to find amazing dresses is Freepeople, I discovered the brand in the US but they are now online here in the UK and have a Pop Up store on the Kings Road.

This store should come with a warning sign, as I have lost many perusing their site. I want it all !

This dress is beautiful, the colours the shape and detailing . You could wear this now with a pair of boots and a cardigan .

2016-01-20 19.00.14


The Outnet is also a great place to find the designer brands and I adore this one by Saloni, it is something you could wear now and is a grown up take on the floaty dress.


Another brand which I have bought from is Mes Demoiselles, I love this brand and you can buy it online, I am wearing one below, I picked up last year from Iris .  You can find pieces very similar to the dress featured below which is Saint Laurent.

Vestaire Collective , also have so many preloved options from this brand.

Mes Demoiselles

Mes Demoiselles

Mes Demoiselles

Mes Demoi

This dress by Chloe is my dream buy, I just love the sleeve and the muted colours.

Chloe Summer Dress

H&M and Zara also stock so many great dresses, I bought the lone below last year from Zara but I will be wearing it again this year, you can find it on Ebay still. Zara are already starting to stock some great options.

Zara Maxi Dress

All we need is for the rain to stop and the sun to shine!






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