Posted: August 6, 2015 6:48pm

Next in the series of where bloggers shop kicks off with my present favourite- Freya Stores. Even though I am in Los Angeles- a mecca for shopping- I am still checking this site daily.

They are so fast with producing their take on all the trends appearing in the high end designer collections.

They collections sell out fast so you have to check often, but the quality is good and the price point is very similar to Zara. Also you don’t run the risk of running into someone wearing exactly the same piece.


A lot of the pieces here remind me of Celine, Aquazurra, Dior, Mr Selfportrait , Chanel, Isabel Marant and Burberry.


Silver Frame Sunglasses

Lightning Earring

Embellished Mini Shoulder Bag

Lace Up Cut-Out High Heels 

Kamala Two-Tone Cape

Sasha Mesh Sleeve Dress

Embroidered Lace Top

Line Midi Skirt


Let me know what you think.

Post done now, off to take a look around the shops here in Los Angeles. Since I prepared this post the coats have started to land . I love this winter white piece!


I have since, had lots of issues with this site from readers !


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