Posted: March 18, 2016 7:11am

I have over the years through my Preloved shop, tried all the brands, from Celine, Chanel and Gucci. I have sold them all except the Chanel, I got from my husband for my 40th.

This has not stopped me craving a new bag but I just don’t want to have to worrying about wearing it, I am so clumsy and have ruined so many bags with pens, water marks and generally just not bothering to look after them.

I also don’t want to spend a fortune or follow the crowd

I have checked all the mid level brands and I believe that Furla is by far the best value and quality.

After Christmas I was looking for a white handbag and stumbled across the brand. I had not tried the bags in years but entering their store, you cannot help but feel excited. The myriad of colours and there literally is every shape of bag. The staff were so helpful and welcoming and I ended up leaving with a white crossbody messenger as well as a yellow one, featured below.

Furla Talia Satchel

For it is the intelligence of the design and the finish, not to mention the quality of the leather that makes Furla, my bag brand of choice. I wanted a tote to be able to fit my laptop, camera and all my paraphernalia, this bag is called the Talia.

It is so roomy and it has a long strap too, which makes the bag easier to carry when it is heavy. It is a gorgeous milky shade and goes with everything, I don’t have the time to change over my bags, I want to have a go to bag, that works and when I pick it up gives me that flutter of excitement.

Furla Talia Satchel

Furla Talia Handbag


Furla Talia

The brand has embraced colour and there are such a wider range of shapes and sizes too. I have used the bags non stop since January, they have held their shape and the lustre of the leather is as exquisite , as you find on brands such as Prada or Miu Miu

Furla Messanger

Furla Messenger bag

These messenger bags called the Metropolis, are the perfect size to fit all your basics and at £295 it it such great value.

The strap is adjustable so you can wear it cross body or over your shoulder. I went for the white to take me through the Spring and Summer and I just love  the yellow and couldn’t resist it as the bag was on sale.

I also love that it is a little below the radar but not for long, with Mario Testino, shooting the Spring 2016 campaign and shops on Regent Street and a new one due to open up  soon, this is a brand to watch.


The price point is affordable with accessories starting at £30 and crossbody bags retailing from £170 ,this is a brand you can look out without feeling guilty. I know it sound, old fashioned but they are such good value for money.


The resale value is strong too,  I can wear the bag. enjoy it and then sell it next season and invest in another one.

Nothing finished an outfit, like a great bag and think about white or beige, the leather on these Furla bags is really sturdy and doesn’t get dirty.  I think that a great white bag, just makes any look so fresh.

The brand also does gorgeous mens pieces, as well as shoes and lots of great accessories.

So check out the selection online or pop into the Regents Street branch when you are next in London, you can also find the bags on line too.

The boiler suit is from Topshop.



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