Posted: July 13, 2015 8:01am

I think my obsession with fluffy footwear started when I first saw the Celine slides many years ago, and over the years I have collected a very wide and varied selection of furry footwear.

Obviously they are super comfortable but I love the contrast of wearing them with something quite unexpected .

These are not slippers, which would look odd. These are bona fide footwear you can wear outdoors… though I have had some odd looks at the schoolgates.

I bought the pair below from Shepherd in Italy while I was skiing last year and I have lived in them.  They come in lots of colours and have a proper sole.

2015-06-17 12.42.40-2

2015-06-17 12.42.40-1

2015-06-17 12.42.42

Ugg also do a very similar pair.

Another pair I get great wear out of are also from Ugg- they are just the most comfortable thing you will ever put on .

At this time of year my feet are often swollen and sore- especially if I have to wear a pair of heels- and these fluffy beauties are the perfect antidote.

They are great for travelling too. I will be wearing mine on the flight to LA later this summer. I also wear them to pilates and yoga .

2015-07-09 16.07.52

So what’s next?? Furry footwear is big for Autumn 2015 and fluffy shoes or shoes with fur embellishment will be everywhere!

I have my eye on these from Simone Rocha… is it a step too far?


The pair below are from Gucci but there is no way my kids would let me out the door in this pair!



I think the hot brand Boyy has really nailed the furry shoe. I love the loafer and hope to get my hands on a pair as the embrace the trend but in a wearable way.


I have selected some other options below.

So tell me, what do you think about this trend??


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