Posted: May 21, 2018 4:55am

Anyone who says that great skincare over 40 is easy is lying!  I have overdone it on retinol and my face resembles a shedding snake, so I have limited my nightly retinol to a few times a week.

Well done Meghan Markle for owning your skin – freckles, sun damage and under eye circles.

She looked glorious because:

  1. She is clearly deliriously happy
  2. She looks natural and glowing
  3. She knows her good bits and emphasises them

We all know that less is better and that heavy make up is really ageing, but sometimes you just have to see simple make up done well to go back to basics!


Looking at Meghan Markle yesterday I was first surprised at how light her make up was.  Yes, you could see her freckles and pigmentation and it made me think that maybe I have become too obsessed by covering everything up.  In reality, no-one’s skin is perfect and we all need to embrace what we have.  I do think a glow and highlighting your best bits is the way to go.  I knew the Kardashian’s days were numbered and now after the wedding yesterday,  all that over the top contouring and bumper lips just looks so passe!

I am currently reviewing my skincare as I think I have overdone it on the potent products so will report back in a month after trialing some new, less active but (fingers crossed) still effective products.

Skin needling is the best way to achieve the biggest improvement in your skin and I have written about it many times before, as well as massage and regular exfoliation.


In the meantime I am sticking to IT Cosmetic.  All the products are loaded with Collagen and Hyaluronic acid which just load your skin with moisture.  It is a crossbreed of  skincare and make up and it is brilliant at this time of the year when the sun is out and you want a lighter more natural look.  Also, these products are all multi-tasking so it makes packing a lot easier too. With a SPF of 50 you can skip sunscreen which saves me so much time in the morning.


The brand is more focused on skin care and adding luminosity.  My advice is to try it – all of our skin is different and you have to build the regime that works for you.  Just be careful that you don’t over do it and look too shiny, that is why I think trying the various products is best.

I adore the serum collagen primer, it glides on and my skin just looks juicy afterwards.  The Your Skin but Better foundation really does what it says, it just improves your skin and makes it dewy and has enough coverage to blur lines and uneven skin tone.

My skin needed a break and IT Cosmetics are brilliant as they combine skincare and make up.

To be honest I could rave about the entire range but these are the two that I have used and can put my hand on my heart and say are worth buying.  I am going to invest in the Confidence Cleanser as I want one that can clean my skin but still leave it feeling soft, and as it is loaded with collagen and hyaluronic acid, your skin feels super soft afterwards.

The lip stains are also on my Wish List as they are a brilliant cross between a balm and a colour and are loaded with moisture – perfect for a natural look.. very much like Meghan wore this weekend.  I always take a couple of minutes with my brows as they really frame your face, again, I use Brow Power Perfector by IT Cosmetics.  I tend to tint my eyelashes and just use a eyelash curler (not found a great one so any tips welcome!).

The brand is great at giving samples when you order and this is the best way to see what suits your skin.  The Your Skin but Better is a truly brilliant product and I have bought my own!  Check out the range online or at Selfridges.


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