Posted: January 23, 2015 8:05am

A lot of my close friends and family have special birthdays this year and I wanted to put together a gift guide in their honour, yes Nicole this is for you!

I think it is important,  when giving a gift for a 30/40 or 50th that you put some thought into it, as this is a key moment in someones life and I personally want the gift to mean something to them and stand the test of time.

I didn’t look at jewellery or watches they are  coming in part two!

The gifts below are in the main expensive items but a few friends or family can group together to buy the item. I just wanted to give some inspiration on this cold Friday morning!



birthday super list


1) Olivia Von Hale silk-satin pyjamas set, I love the pattern and these can be worn all day.

2) Louis Vuitton black back pack, Phoebe from Lark inspired me on this,  I cannot tell you how beautiful this is and wish I had a big birthday coming up to justify its purchase.

3) Valentino Rockstud patent leather kitten-heel pumps, these are a classic and so super comfortable.

4) Masion Michel Virginie rabbit-felt fedora, top of my wish list this hat beats all others hands down!

5) Beats by Dr.Dre studio matte black headphones, I bought these in the summer and am addicted.

6) Aurora Living Black willow bag, so similar to the Celine Trio and the softest leather a great present.

7) Celine sunglasses, I adore these and they look great on everyone.  They are hard to track down but worth the effort.

Wishing you all a great weekend and I would love to hear about any great gifts you have received !

Love Anne Marie

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