Posted: December 13, 2019 5:54pm

Every year I buy my presents at the last minute and then end up buying items that I know are just not special.  So this year, I made a list of brands that I absolutely adore and I know that anyone would be delighted to receive.

Lets start with jewellery, my favourite brand is Adriana Chede.  It is everyday jewellery that you don’t have to take off and most of her pieces are 18ct gold (not plated) so that you can wear it in the shower.  I bought the bracelet below and haven’t taken it off since.   I have my eye on her stacking rings next which are very fairly priced at £90.


Another jewellery brand that I love is Lousie Varberg; particularly her Stella range which at around the £118 mark is super well priced.  I am on the waiting list for the Stella necklace.

Primrose Hill Candles is a brand that I like to gift every year and is as good as any of the expensive brands – online here

My favourite perfumes are Bruno Acampora (it honestly lasts and lasts) and I also really like Histoires de Parfums and they have a wonderful samples section.  Another brilliant place to look for beautifully gift wrapped but affordable pieces is Penhaligons – I love the £20 scent library.

I have long been a fan of Aurora London and have gifted their bags many times.  The quality of the leather is next to none – the one below is £70.

Another company worth checking out is Drinks in Tube, they give you the chance to sample some of the worlds leading wines and ports in tubes and starting from £23 it is a great price point.

Another item I have gifted a lot is from Llio – they are body oils, smell divine and are all combined with crystals.

I often select Caudalie as simple presents.  At £12 the price point is affordable and they are wonderful for setting your make up or giving a pick-me-up mid afternoon.

I think that Jaeger men are great,  The clothes and accessories are well priced and men love their classic non scary styles.

If you want to gift wine then look out for Charles Heidsieck Reserve or Bacchus Winbirri 2018.  These are brilliant tips from the Wine Tipster!

Tapestry films are also fantastic.  They create the most gorgeous bespoke films and are so affordable! Check out mine on the main section of the blog.

Topping my own list is a bag from Stacy Chan London, her pieces are as well made as Prada but cost a fraction of the price.




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