Posted: November 23, 2015 7:56am

I am blessed with all the amazing friends I have made at my children’s school, and they have been so supportive of my blog, so as a thank you I arranged a girls night in at my friend Deborah’s house. She brought her school mums too, and a great time was had by all. I couldn’t do what I do without my amazing friends and their continued belief and support. It is important to make time to catch up properly and let our hair down.

Deborah is by far the most talented stylist, not to mention one of the most down to earth people, I know. If you feel like you are buying clothes and never have anything to wear than let her give you a hand. She is one of those people that always finds that perfect piece.

2015-11-17 22.50.20
With Super Stylist Deborah Sheridan Taylor

We were lucky that Kevyn Aucoin agreed to spoil us with make-up lessons, and everyone went mad for the Celestial Skin Liquid and the Celestial Candlelight Powder. I use these two products every day and they are definitely worth the investment.

2015-11-17 22.50.42-1
The Glow added by Celestial Glow
2015-11-17 22.50.34-1
Chicu trying Celestial Glow
2015-11-17 22.50.28
Candlelight one of the best products I have ever used
2015-11-17 22.51.50
Lili one of the divine Kevyn Aucoin Make Up Artists

The fabulous Triumph sent their top Product Manager, Monica Harrington, to tell us everything we need to know about bras. The strapless ones and bodies were a big hit – Check out my post this week if you would like to see more specifics.

2015-11-17 22.55.40
Monica this woman knows her bras !

Not to mention lots of friends that have their own businesses.

Jewellery by Clara Francis is on my Christmas List – they are all hand-beaded and I cannot tell you how exquisite they are.

2015-11-17 22.50.06

2015-11-17 22.50.12

2015-11-17 22.51.02
Angela and Clara

We also had Meta and her company Coeur de Mer, for the most beautiful Mother Of Pearl Jewellery.

2015-11-17 22.51.32


If you are looking for a fine piece of jewellery then look no further than Heirloom. Ruth sources the finest pieces and cuts out the middle man.

2015-11-17 22.50.58
Ruth is the woman to go to if you are looking for a special piece of Jewellry

I only burn Primrose Hill candles, these are my go to gift and the quality and price point are spot on.

2015-11-17 22.51.24

2015-11-17 22.50.54
Susan co Owner of Primrose Hill Candles


Another great find is Jungle Butter- I am addicted it is a healthy but yummy almond butter. I love the Sea Salt one and well done to Martine – it is going to be such a hit.

2015-11-17 22.53.28
My secret obsession Jungle Butter
2015-11-17 22.53.28-1
So Proud of Martine Sternbach the Founder of Jungle Butter

Anna Mason makes divine dresses, coats and separates, which are perfect when you are looking for something feminine with an edge.

2015-11-17 22.54.12
Anna Mason running us through her collection
2015-11-17 22.52.38
Anna Mason Jacket and dress
2015-11-17 22.52.44-1
One of the hits of the night the Anna Mason Shirt
2015-11-17 22.52.20
With one of our favourite women Jane Holland Simons

We had such a lovely time, and thank you to Alex Taibel for the beautiful photos. Whether you need photos for your website, head shots, family pictures – Alex is the one I would recommend.

2015-11-17 22.52.52
Keeping me sane at Queens College Prep the divine Jo and Rebecca
2015-11-17 22.52.56
Lola the best Nutritionist and featuring soon on the blog
2015-11-17 22.52.50-1
The Super Talented Davina the owner of Short Stitch

2015-11-17 22.53.22

2015-11-17 22.51.04


2015-11-17 22.55.50

We were exhausted by the end but we felt really blessed and energised. It is not always easy running your own business and it can it a bit lonely but the support and love we get from our friends, including those who couldn’t make the night, is really important to us.

And best of all is working with someone with integrity, who makes you laugh when you could cry and whom you learn from everyday.

Yes, that’s you Deborah!

We will be arranging lots of other ‘Nights In’, starting with a Preloved Sale in January, where we will be clearing our wardrobes and those of our friends and family. Make sure to register your email address on the site and we will make sure you get an invite.






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