Posted: October 21, 2014 10:23am

I am blessed at my childrens schools to be surrounded by like minded women.

The talk seldom turns to the children, it is all about us and our friendships.

With everyone being so busy it is we only ever get snatched moments between avoiding a parking ticket or being harassed for snacks or the realization that you have forgotten  it is gym day again!






Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while now know that that usually involves a great restaurant and some cocktails.

Some of most memorable nights out are at other peoples houses, somehow everyone relaxes more and you get to mingle better.

So last week I had as many of the girls over who were around. Normally when you host you never have as good a time but not this time.

I kept the food simple,salads already prepared and fish already in the warming drawer so I didn’t have to worry about the food.










A welcome addition were  Pamela and Andrea from, they were fabulous, they did all our make up and showed us how to recreate it ourselves. I loved mine so much it was still on the a day later!

These girls create perfect natural makeup, I will be using them for some big parties I have coming up.







I was wearing a fabulous camisole I got from Zadig and Voltaire, leggings by Sunspel  from Lark.

We talked, we laughed and headed to bed at two !!

Though I suffered the next day, I felt alive and blessed to have such fabulous friends and to make such lovely new memories.







You can see the fabulous job Pamela and Andrea did on my make up!

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