Posted: November 18, 2014 9:41am

I love sequins and over the years have worn my fair share !

The key is to get the right sequins, they should be matt and small, then you avoid looking like you have raided someones costume drawer.

With festive parties around the corner , sequins are a great way to embrace the season.

I have had these IRO sequin trousers for years, they are matt and really well finished. I am so careful with how I wear them as that is the key, YOU HAVE TO DRESS SEQUINS DOWN!

I pair these trousers or a sequin skirt I have with an oversized sweater , underneath I will throw on a simple grey or white t-shirt or a shirt.





The sweater is a great sales purchase from Matches it is from Celine, I am currently obsessed by this oversized knit by No 21 and am hoping that I can get my hands on it in the sale





Another of my lovely Mihaela Christou bracelets, I have them in all colours as I love the softness they add to any outfit.


I love black but looking at these photos I think navy is so much softer and is a better counterbalance to the sequins . Just slip an oversized cashmere boyfriend sweater over any sequin trouser and you are ready to party.





I have taken a look at the best sequin trousers out there! So embrace the party season!



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Hear more about our story Sign up to our newsletter