Posted: January 1, 2015 12:25pm

I never intend to drink too much and it is very seldom these days but sometimes it just happens, if you have a hangover this morning file this away for next time!

I am sharing the tips that work for me obviously the best thing is to drink in moderation..

1) Take a Dioralyte before you drink as it hydrates the body.

2) Eat  , if you drink on an empty stomach you will feel dreadful the next day.

3) I alternate a glass of wine with a glass of water.

4) Before I go to bed I like to drink coconut water with two aspirin, this stops you waking in the middle of the night searching around for pills, I also slap on a leave on face mask . I use the Dragons Blood Mask by Rodial,this is great on a long flight too.


I also take Vitamin B- complex as it helps break down alcohol.

5) If you have a sore tummy in the morning take Zantac and if your head is still sore take a combination of two paracetamol and an ibuprofen.




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Hear more about our story Sign up to our newsletter