Posted: February 3, 2017 8:00pm

Resist all the emails that will now be coming in from all the high street retailers and have one last search on the sales rails, this is how I buy my high street.

This week I interviewed one of London’s best stylists Deborah Sheridan Taylor, we both agreed that this is the best way to get that ‘new’ fix without wasting your money or running into someone in the same top.

  1. If you get time this weekend look for pieces that you can wear in Spring and Summer and choose light bright colours
  2. Don’t be tempted by the Instagram hits, most bloggers just take a photo of themselves in the pieces but don’t actually buy them
  3. Look for items that are part of your own uniform.  Don’t get carried away with other peoples lives, I work from home so get away with a much more casual wardrobe than someone who has to go to an office every day

I have already been out and spent £30 on all the items Deborah recommended and my advise is to hit the high street today and see what you can find.


My favourite piece Deborah recommend was the £1 Topshop vest, I bought 5 at Marble Arch; this is as good as the expensive ones from Alexander Wang.  Ignored as too summer like for most buyers, this is the best time to buy vests/t-shirts.  The Topshop one is on the right above and I also bought the mesh lightweight bra as it works so well with the lower cut top – I found one on sale at Zara.

TopsShop Vest

Trousers are the new jeans and I have picked up the pair Deborah is wearing from Zara, yes they need to be dry cleaned, but at £13 they will kick start my Spring wardrobe.  I was tempted by much more expensive pairs but as I am not sure if this is a trend I will embrace, I think it is best to ‘go low’ and trial the trend first.

The Perfect Trousers

The Marks and Spencer bargain rail is where to look as Deborah tipped me off to a Celine like skirt featured above and brilliant evening trousers – both around £20.  The black velvet vest is Zara.



Be selective, unless it could be mistaken for being at item from Celine/ Alexander Wang, then leave it as you won’t wear it!



Have a look at our video and you can also find it on our YouTube Channel.  There are lots more videos to come so beware!!

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend, so sorry there are no links but these featured pieces are just waiting for you on the rails.  You have to hustle and find those pieces that work in your wardrobe.  I got out of the habit, but this is the best way to shop as you can keep your money for those investment pieces.  Also there is much unworn Zara on eBay, just have a look, all with tags and from as little as £2.

Next week I will be sharing Deborah’s tips on how to shop at TK Maxx.  Contact Deborah by email, we are friends and she is one of those people I go to for fashion advise and I truly trust her opinion.


Anne Marie



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