Posted: November 2, 2014 10:03am

When I first had Luella and Archie, I was  constantly clicking away and have reams of baby pictures but as they have got older and they are not as keen, the number of photos  have  diminished.

Then you go to a friends house and they have beautiful pictures of their children and you feel bad.

This is exactly what happened to me and I felt it was time to sort it out, another thing to put on my endless to do list, that is until I met Brette.


I met Brette Oberoi  through her husband Pepe, a long story which will feature in another post .

I was blown away by the quality of the photography by her partner Elena .




One of my big issues with having my childrens photos taken are the weird boring sets, that remind me of the school pictures that languish at the bottom of my drawer!

Also the thought of having to get them to sit still or organize how I want them taken fills me with dread.

The difference with here is that while Elena photographs, Brette styles and organizes the shoot.

Brette is a master of styling and organizing the shoot so it looks super natural and relaxed. Both the children and I enjoyed the process.

You end up with photos which capture a real sense of your childs personality and they look gorgeous and you want to display them.

I know it sounds bad and don’t judge me but I have a drawer of school photos which have never seen the light !


Checkout their site for prices and details.

From my experience they are lovely to deal with and the price point is really good too.




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