Posted: September 26, 2014 6:12am

Hurray it is Friday , welcome to our weekly posts by Ray, which I hope will raise a smile !!

Catwalks, boardrooms, high-society parties, backstabbing, rumours, infidelity – the Hallstead Harridans (whatever you do don’t call them that to their faces) had seen it all, done it all and slept with it all, but no amount of backstage bitchiness or executive power lunch firings could compete with their current arena – the school gates.

For some, settling down is boring, for others entering motherhood offers a new set of challenges and rewards– motherhood itself? The incomparable satisfaction of nurturing your beloved offspring? Don’t be silly, it’s all about being the glammest queen mother bee possible – and Verity Blake has the keys to the castle, or rather the keys to the Prius 4 wheel drive.

 Verity could barely see over the steering wheel of her behemoth of a vehicle, she raced through traffic with the grace of an enraged bull – “mother, you are driving too fast, I don’t feel well..” “Quiet down Jonty, you don’t want to be late for your first day do you, the other children will bully you”. In truth, it was Verity who couldn’t bear the embarrassment of arriving to school late, a mishap which would create a cacophony of sniggers and sneery laughter.

They approached the school, a perfect parking spot directly outside the gates was spied, however another car was edging close – Verity pounced – her electric car moved with speed and silence, a jet black predator, like a giant mechanical panther – she honked her horn to distract her competitor, who she saw jump at the shrill sound, and manoeuvred herself into the space, triumphant she emerged from her car, ushered out little Jonty, who by this point was quite carsick and clearly on the verge of vomiting up his breakfast quinoa, and strode through the school gates, pushing past all who stood in her way.

Queen Verity had arrived – the wicked witch of the  Hallstead.


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