Posted: November 9, 2017 4:35pm

I had given up on sequins but new brand Halpern has rekindled my love and after seeing it this week on new mum and Vogue Features Director Sarah Harris , I jumped straight onto the bandwagon.


It is all about the light.  Sequins are truly special in the evening, with dimmer twinkling lights, and they reflect light on your skin which is like having one of those enhancing selfie lights aimed at your face! If you are tired or not having a great face day ( I am having these more regularly ) then sequins are a great diversion .

The upside of being a bit older is that I have pieces from the first time they came around , the jumpsuit below is Topshop and years and years old and I will be wheeling it out again this season. I did find  similar ones on Ebay . There is only a 6 week pre New Year window where we all crave sequins ..


I did find this sublime top below at ASOS and I am obsessed by it, it looks and feels like Halpern and at £40 is a real find.  It is the built up shoulder and the quality of the sequins that make it so special, they can be moved to create different effects and it is this what creates that tactile expensive feel.   I  went for the tall option and sized up to make the piece seem more sumptuous.

CWSG 7-11-17-0035

CWSG 7-11-17-0037

CWSG 7-11-17-0030

I would wear this with jeans as otherwise it’s just a bit OTT and you can also try it with a glorious cashmere coat.

Regardless of how amazing it is I know a lot of you will never wear a sequin top!  If not, go for a pair of sequin trousers or a skirt as they are sometimes easier to wear.   The key is to dress the sequins with softer fabrics, denims, wool and cashmere . 



You only need one, buy it right and you can bring it out every year.  I promise there is always an evening when you think I need something shiny, and that is the worst time to go hunting! Link to the ASOS piece below as well of lots of other brilliant finds.


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