Posted: June 3, 2015 9:04am

I have been lucky to be invited to Ascot a few times- the first time I went I hadn’t a clue of what to wear. Also, once you have been there you realize how much you are on your feet. The weather is also extreme; I was either passing out with heat or shivering!

It is also a place where I have seen so many women who normally nail it get it so wrong.

If I was going this year I would wear the Goat dress and jacket combination, featured below. I love the simplicity and the fact that I can wear the pieces  separately. This is a suit you will have forever- when you are seen all day in the daylight you need exquisite materials.

I came across Martha Lynn Millinery at the Arthur Cox  Irish Fashion Event. The pieces are so unique and the prices are really affordable, especially with the strength of the pound.

You cannot beat Luxe Layers for great shoes and bags and both  are in the sale. Again these are pieces you could wear afterwards casually with jeans. I have tried the shoes and they are incredibly comfortable. This is one of these great brands that Flavia has introduced to the UK.


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Goat Ascot Panel Coat.

Goat Assisi Dress.

Martha Lynn Millerny Sea Urchin Hat.

Luxe-layers – Naledi Forest Clutch.

Luxe-layers – Uza Croc Black Sandals

At Bernshaw , they have a wonderful blog post on the clothing guidelines, so it is worth a read. They also have a fabulous range of dresses at affordable prices. Below are some other great finds!


If you are going, I would love to hear what you are wearing?


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