Posted: April 25, 2018 4:50am

I have had a tricky week, (sorry so slow on the blogs), between the impending house move and a small procedure, but I am back in (almost) full swing now!

The move has focused my mind on the clothes which will make the cut!  There is nothing wrong with what I have bought in the past, but some pieces are just not right for my current lifestyle and as I don’t get enough wear out of them, and with limited cupboard space in the new house, I need to be completely ruthless.  Check out SHOP OUR WARDROBE for our clearance items.

T-shirts, sweatshirts, simple skirts and dresses in white, navy and black with a dollop of pink is really all I like to wear at the moment.

H&M is where I shop for a lot of my basics and it is winning hands down on the high street!


  1. They excel at basics and get the fabrics right, mainly cottons and linen mixes
  2. You can avoid the lurid prints so prevalent at Zara
  3. It is well priced, sorry, but when I look at Other Stories and COS, H&M is the same quality but a lot less expensive

So what are the pieces to shop..

It’s all about indistinguishable pieces that no one can place, nothing beats box fresh t-shirts, cotton shirts and sweatshirts and this is where H&M really excels.  Also, remember to size up; all the stylists do for t-shirts and shirts as it gives a more luxurious feel.

I have written about t-shirts before but I just want to add a more formal one to the mix, However, I had to size up two sizes to get the look I wanted.

H&M Formal T-shirt
H&M formal t-shirt

Folk shirts been around for years now and if I didn’t have a collection already then I would have bought the one below from H&M, the fabric is by far the best I have seen at this price point and it is a great shape.

H&M £39
H&M £39

This shirt dress featured below is beautiful.  The cut and fabric are as good as top end brands and it has pockets!

H&M Kaftan £34
H&M Kaftan £34

I also spotted some great shorts which were really flattering on, small fitting so needed a 16!

H&M Shorts £ 19.99
H&M Shorts £19.99

Trousers are not generally my thing but I did buy these green cargo pants, again I sized up to get a more expensive feel.

HM trousers £39
H&M trousers £39

Sweatshirts are where H&M really stands out.  I bought a simple grey one and this divine super soft balloon shape sleeve hoodie.

H&M Sweatshirt
H&M Sweatshirt
HM Hoodie £34
H&M hoodie £34

Pottering around the house has become my favourite pursuit and I have just spotted the robe below which is cotton and ideal for Summer.  I have also ordered this cotton nightdress.  They also have shorter versions too which are perfect for lounging around.  I will take a look at the swimwear later this week for you.

H&M robes
H&M robes

Other pieces that I have spotted and loved are:

These bow flats in white which will go with everything, or these mules

H&M flats
H&M flats

This dress is gorgeous and love that it has sleeves.  It is more expensive at £69, I will check it out next time when I am in town and report back but it will sell out!

Dress £69
Dress £69

Also love this deep v back top (although, not sure what to do with the bra situation?)

hmgoepprod (27)


Have ordered these shorts as so simple and easy to wear.

Shorts £8.99
Shorts £8.99

These simple black trousers are from the Studio range and are cut as well as much higher priced brands, the same with the black wrap dress which is also cut so well. I also love this blue dress  and this

hmprod (5)

hmgoepprod (29)

All these pieces you would probably never spot as being high street and that is the secret!  Avoid the Instagram traps/colour clashing and floral dresses and look for simple pieces that you will wear day in day out!  If you have boobs or are more petite then you need to find the pieces that suit you but the same edit applies, look for items that you would find in Theory/Joseph that suit your shape and body size.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram as I update this a few times a day and with the move I will be quiet on the blog front for a while.

Also, my new website is on the way this summer…I can’t wait!!


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