Posted: August 10, 2018 11:09am

The hoodie has become a classic in my books.

Living in the UK, where most of the year it can rain, it has become a life saver.  It keeps my hair frizz free when I head from the house to the car, to school or to a meeting.  I don’t have any patience for umbrellas and I have yet to encounter a rain coat that actually keeps the rain off my hair, as the hoods are never big enough.  As I use my car most of the time, a heavy parka is also not practical.


This is the time to stock up.  The German bloggers have taken over from the Scandinavians in inspiring me and I adore So Sue.  She has now developed her own line of classic pieces, from the best denim to truly special hoodies, that are made in the softest cotton and are cut for comfort and to flatter.  However, it is the size of the hood which protects your hair in any downpour and that makes me invest. IMG_4753
I love the shape as it’s generous, but not shapeless, and the pale pink is a glorious shade, like an ice soft sorbet.  The hoodie is cut to be able to be throw on over anything.



I know they are expensive, but these are pieces that you will wear day in, day out, and it feels like a grown up comfort blanket.  I have piles of hoodies from H&M which I adore too.  I have added loads in all price points to the List below..

Get the right shape and you can wear it over everything, from gym gear to an evening gown!  Look for balloon sleeves and a looser fit.



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