Posted: May 14, 2020 10:38am

The winter brought us curb chains but with spring already well underway and summer imminent it is soon going to be too warm to be jingling around with multiple heavy chains.

Chains have been quickly replaced by a plethora of beads and pearls.

So many designers have already jumped on the trend, but like tie dye, this is a trend to buy cheaply as it won’t last.

Also, pair with a piece of finer jewellery to avoid looking too ‘of the moment’ and as with tie dye, don’t go mad; one or two pieces is enough.

Here are some of the brands to check out:


Kaaren Buchanan



Ibiza Bracelets 

Thank you Charlotte for the tip By Nouck 

Also my favourite designer brand, Adriana Chede, is also offering an at-home try on service.  You can choose three pieces from her site to try at home, she will ship them to you and you only pay for what you decide to keep.  Her pieces are modern classics, are a joy to wear and have way more longevity than any bead conceivably can!

I have a bracelet which I never take off, it runs the gauntlet of self tan, cleaning etc..  It’s as glistening today as it was on the day I bought it.  Also, it’s super robust and sets off any ‘fashion’ piece perfectly.

P.S. thank you to my 12 year son Archie for his help with the collage!




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