Posted: October 13, 2015 7:04am

I have had a dreadful few weeks- we have all been sick, the husband had been away and my Au Pair did a runner with the contents of my PayPal account.

Heading back from Los Angeles I was glowing- all that exercise, fresh air and health eating had done me well.

September has been a write-off; a diet of crackers, red wine and no exercise has left me feeling washed out. Our new Au Pair started today so no more excuses for my lack of exercise, and I have bought a Nutribullet! It is as good as everyone says. Super fast and easy to clean and we are all now on morning smoothies.

2015-10-04 18.22.44

My saviour has been my Hourglass Ambient Lightening Palette– it is an old fashioned miracle worker.

2015-10-04 18.22.52

2015-10-04 18.22.50

2015-10-04 18.22.46

There are three different shades and it just adds a natural glow, conceals tiredness, reflects light and brightens your skin without being too shiny.

I’m here on a food review with Nuzy Sayani,  and I love the glow it gives to your skin.

2015-10-08 08.28.05-2

It doesn’t have a bronzer so it is great just for highlighting your own colouring. I cannot recommend this product highly enough.

It is easy to use and I have used it everyday since I bought it two months ago.

Definitely one I recommend.

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