Posted: April 21, 2020 2:27pm

After 4 weeks my roots had got completely out of control.

No amount of root spray could keep them the grey at bay (I use Root Concealer by L’Oreal).

With huge thanks to Penny (who set up Linnaean Salon and Restaurant) I managed to get the relevant colour numbers for my hair.  This is the absolute key to getting the best match.

Some hairdressers are sending them out but you can also order them on sites such as Capital Hair and Beauty.

For example, I needed:

A 6% cream developer to open the cuticles and to allow the colour to absorb.

Number 8A and 8NA Goldwell permanent colour.

You need to know the measurements – I used a third of each tube of colour with 60 ml of developer, all mixed together in a bowl.

Below are the items which are crucial to avoid ruining your bathroom, hair and getting even coverage!

There are a ton of videos on You Tube but in simple terms here are the steps I followed:

Section your hair into four using these clips

Apply Vaseline around the hairline and ears

Wear a robe

Cover your table with a bin bag and use gloves, I would buy a kit from Amazon see the one below

Work in front of a mirror and have a hand mirror to check the back

You will need a measuring jug and a mixing bowl and know the % of each to add to together

Make sure you make enough; it is better to make a bit more the first time

Only dab the areas of grey with a brush, and use a comb to ensure that you separate and colour in small sections

You will need to know how long to leave it in – mine took 45 minutes, colour wipes are also useful

Use a great shampoo; I swear by Oribe shampoo and conditioner for moisture and control.  It leaves my brittle and frizzy hair shiny, soft and it doesn’t weigh it down

Next week I am going to remove the yellow from my highlights with a hair gloss,  I love Kevin Murphy’s Sugared Angel but there are loads to choose, from brunette to blonde and red head. These work to lift your colour

I also use the Olaplex number 6 leave in conditioner, if I cannot be bothered to blow dry my hair and my secret weapon is Kerasilk styling creme for achieving a smooth pony tail

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