Posted: March 19, 2015 8:05am

I have featured interior designers before but we have been trying to find someone who is happy to contribute regularly and at last, I have found the fabulous Olivia Lichtig.

Her forte is revamping homes and she is really knows how to work to a strict budget, she is also happy to just help you sort out one room, declutter it and find some well priced pieces to revamp it.

 2015-03-10 20.31.04
With three children the youngest, just over two years old, I love that Olivia has managed to make her own  home stylish but also soft and child friendly.
Talking to Olivia she explained, that so many of her clients are so frustrated, they  have great houses but the layout somehow doesn’t work or the decor is looking tired but with the everyday chaos of work and family nothing gets done.
2015-03-10 20.37.52
This is where Olivia comes in, she can work to help you clear out, help you reorganize where you put your furniture to achieve a better flow and then help you find great tradespeople to revamp your home. Be they painters, carpenters or curtain makers, Olivia has great contacts.
Sometimes a client just needs help choosing the right paint colour.
2015-03-10 20.37.02
I have asked Olivia to remake this chair for Luella’s room, she has taken an Ikea chair and had it reupholstered , I also love the beautiful floor cushions that she can also have made at such great prices.
2015-03-10 20.32.14
For me Spring is all about flowers and I live the simple arrangements in the clear vases, this is such a simple way to freshen up your home.
I have copied it !
2015-03-10 20.31.40
This is another project Olivia can do for any clients, she has sourced beautiful old prints and had them reframed such a low cost way to add interest to a childs room.
2015-03-10 20.32.36
Olivia has kept her bedroom simple and I love the soft restful colour scheme, all these pieces she has sourced and customized and she is happy to do the same for her clients.
2015-03-10 20.37.24
This chandelier was sourced from a car boot sale and is simply beautiful. I have asked Olivia to find me a mirror for above my hallway, I don’t want to spend a fortune but want something special.
2015-03-10 20.37.32
I love the way she has very simply and cost effectively revamped the hallways and the soft tones are carried through the house.
2015-03-10 20.37.00
I just think that if you are thinking of revamping a room but just want a helping hand to source well priced individual pieces Olivia is the person to go to.  She knows how  to create a super comfortable, stylish liveable home!
2015-03-10 20.36.46
2015-03-10 20.36.52
You can contact Olivia by email on, she is based in London but is happy to advise over the phone as well.

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