Posted: March 16, 2020 3:41pm

I  have been involved in the fashion resale market for 7 years.

Like online dating, people looked down on it for so long.  When if I would mention what I did, you could see a flicker of distaste on peoples faces.  The entire business had a reputation of being a bit grubby and no one would admit to buying second hand!

How things have changed!!

However, now it has all become a bit gimmicky for me.  All these talks, lecturing and pontificating by people, who a year ago were knee deep in ASOS.  But in the end, if clothes get re-used and the people buy better then I am over the moon.

So what have I really learnt over the years?

  • I love to shop.  This will never change and I will not be made to feel bad about it.  However, I have changed my habits considerably because I was intrinsically tired of spending so much time and money and never having anything that I truly loved to wear.  I am not going to feign any eco-warrior inklings, I am doing it because I want to have a wardrobe that I adore


  • Keep things simple.  If you don’t enjoy wearing something, donate it or sell it, that is if you cannot have it altered. The key with clothes and accessories is that when you put it on you should be ready to get on with your day or enjoy that party.  Like dodgy relationships, if it is hard at the beginning, just cut your losses and move on!


  • Think about when you bought the items that don’t get worn and avoid those situations.  For me, I made most of my mistakes by being impatient and not waiting for the perfect item, and end up settling or compromising.  I now wait for the item that I crave and if it is out of my budget then I wait for the sales or look for it pre-loved


  • I go through my wardrobe monthly which means that it doesn’t become overwhelming and I can clear the items when they are in season


  • Be radical.  I have held onto a few nostalgic pieces over the years, as well as a few pieces that I think my daughter might like in the future, but otherwise if I don’t enjoy wearing it, I sell it


  • Forget about what you paid for it.  It is only worth what someone will pay for it now and once you have decided to sell it, just get rid!


  • Find a long term solution to clearing out your wardrobe.  To be honest, there is no need to pay someone to do it.  I see company’s charging hundreds, I do it for free


  • You don’t need to dry clean items but they should not be damaged or soiled


  • It is always easier to part with items if you have a list of new pieces in mind…


  • I have gradually moved towards a zero expenditure.  By this I mean that I sell to cover what I spend through clearing my wardrobe.  Lots of my clients do the same; if they want to splurge, they send me a bag of items and this goes a long way to paying for the new items

So who are my buyers?

I have built up a network of savvy shoppers, all over the world, in a myriad of sizes and with so many different styles.

After years of only being able to take on a limited number of clients I am now expanding (great timing, yes i know…)

If you would like some advice or a chat just email me on  If you are looking for a specific item, also email me as I am going to create an online Wish List.

Click here for our t’s & c’s but in simple terms it is 30% commission on items over £1,000 and 40% on items below.  I set the price based on the best that I can achieve.  I really understand this market and what items are worth.

I can pick up (or arrange collection) in the London area and you can also ship to me from anywhere in the world.  I cannot take an entire load of items which sell for £50 but if there is the odd high street piece then that is fine.  Again, just email me at

These are deeply difficult times but I have decided to keep going for as long as I can.  I don’t want to come across as selfish, uncaring or not aware of what is going on, I do, and me and my family are all worried and a little frightened but this is me trying to keep myself sane and busy.

Keep safe all.

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Hear more about our story Join our mailing list and receive 10% off your first order