Posted: April 25, 2016 7:15am

I have own up, I am often caught in my gymwear all day, especially if I am working from home or like now in the middle of a house move.

I do have a wide selection of options I throw on later, to disguise the fact that I am still wearing gymwear when I pick up from school. It is not the mums I worry about but at my son’s school the Headmistress, is at the door at pick up and I don’t want her thinking, that I cannot be bothered getting dressed properly.

I was introduced to Michelle, who founded gymwear brand Bionic Bodies by one of my best friends Nuzy, who has trained with Michelle for years.

I was looking at all the active wear sites but the prices are so steep, that I really wanted to find a more affordable option.

Bionic Bodies focus on stocking South American brands, that hold you in the right places, yet are comfortable enough to wear all day.


Bionic Bodies

Bionic Bodies

I am wearing leggings from Baseactiva and they are my favourite leggings, they are just that little bit different, I love the high waist and they have the right amount of hold. Coming into to Spring , I was looking for a lighter weight legging.

Bionic Bodies

I have a selection of tops on rotation in the morning as I have over an hour long school run, so I have to be ready. I love to wear a  a military shirt such as the one above from Pinko. I also have a great one from Zara, .that you can still find on Ebay or the new season version is great too.

Nothing beats a checked shirt and Rails are my favourite, they are so many options to buy preloved and at a faction of the original cost.

Bionic Bodies and Rails Shirt

A great denim shirt is what you will most likely see me in as they are so easy to throw on in the morning.

The one below is from Chloe and I found it on the Outnet, they have so many well priced options on at the mo

I am currently obsessed by my Nike Fly knit trainers

How to dress up your gymwear


I also think that Victoria Secrets do such well priced pieces, as do TK Maxx.

Below are my favourite pieces from Bionic Bodies.

Last post featuring the old house, shooting today at the new house and will be featuring this week.



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