Posted: July 15, 2016 4:33am

I saw Trinny ( Just loved that Program) in these harem pants featured below, in Notting Hill, she was wearing the blue pair and it was love at first sight. She was wafting around Notting Hill, looking fabulous and I thought they must be Chloe, I couldn’t believe my luck when I spied them in Zara.

The grey colour seemed easier to wear and I have paired them with a silk camisole from London designer Aloe, I tried loads of options but this just seemed to work best.

You could wear them with a body too, if you prefer a more fitted look. I also think they look better with the pants rolled up, with a bit of leg on show.

Zara Harem pants

Zara Harem pants

Zara the best trousers

These pants are one of those perfect Zara finds, I found my pair in store they had loads on the bargain rail, cannot see them online any more. I think these pants look better with heels and these Alexander Wang Antonia heels go with everything. You need the height to balance the volume of the trousers, otherwise there will be the MC Hammer comments.

Zara over 40

Zara best buys

This is a great alternative to a dress, when you have to dress up and it is lightweight and perfect for Summer.  This is my homage to Aladdin ( just opened and a great show by the way), don’t be put off by the volume that is what makes these pants special, as they just billow so beautifully, when you walk. You do not have to be tall to wear these, just ensure you pull them up from the cuff so you can still see your ankle.

How to style harem pants



If you cannot get the Zara ones check out Harem Pants on the following sites , Harem Pants, ASOS or Farfetch.

Wishing you all a great weekend where ever you are


Anne Marie







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