Posted: August 15, 2016 6:21pm

I have had this gold jacket for two years now and I have never worn it, that is until last week. I bought it to wear over dresses but when I put it on I felt over dressed and always ended taking it off.  It wasn’t until I threw it on over my gym wear that I felt comfy in it. I bought it from the Outnet and it is from Vionnet.

A friend of mine bought a great skirt and top but when she put it on she didn’t feel comfortable and took it straight off. She felt like she was trying too hard and just massively overdressed. I agreed with her, the pieces individually were beautiful but it was too much together.


Statement Gold Bomber JAcket

As you get older, LESS IS MORE and it is best to have one amazing piece only and dress that piece down.

How to wear statement pieces

I love to pair my statement pieces with active wear or distressed denim but I know this is not for everyone. You can get the same effect with a simple pair of jeans or trousers. So lets be specific:

Wear a metallic jacket or sequin jacket with jeans or black trousers and a simple white t-shirt. Throw on a statement skirt with a plain t-shirt and flats. If you have great wow jewellery dress it down with a cashmere sweater and jeans or trousers.

Statement pieces

Gold Jackets how to wear them

It is all about letting the piece talk for itself and as I often say don’t over gild the lily! Look out for those statement pieces which you can find now in the last day of the sales. Check out what I have found below, I just love the unexpected and you end up adoring those pieces the most.

Sorry about the slow down in the blogging, with the kids off school proving harder than I thought to concentrate ! Will be reporting back on my experiences in the South of France this week , as well as my Lust List for Autumn 2016 .


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