Posted: August 5, 2015 4:41am

Don’t you love Airbnb? We found this amazing house there and we are lucky to spend the next few weeks here.  So I want to show you around to give you a feel for what you can find- if you are brave enough to forgo a hotel and spend the time researching.

The price point is no different to staying in a hotel, and if like us, you are staying with extended family and are happy to eat at home, it works out much cheaper.

We wanted to be in between Santa Monica and Malibu so we can get to the facilities and at the same time be near the sea.

The house is located in the Pacific Palisades– kind of Hampstead  by the sea- if you are looking for a London equivalent.

2013-01-18 19.26.31



2013-01-18 16.44.41


2013-01-18 16.45.51


2013-01-18 16.47.13


2013-01-18 16.43.09

Using the tree to hide- feeling very bloated after the flight.

The dress is vintage but I have found loads of similar options on Etsy.

If you are thinking of coming to Los Angeles then contact Pamela Van Ierland, she is amazing and so easy to deal with and has lots of properties on her books. We arrived to a filled fridge and she knows all the best kids clubs, babysitters, restaurants and sports facilities so you don’t waste time and get the most our of your holiday.

Pamela Van Ierland

If you have any questions and are thinking about a trip, feel free to ask and will try and give you a hand.





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