Posted: November 2, 2021 8:14am

I know that it’s the last thing you probably want to hear about!

However, I have had a lot of people enquiring about how it works and whilst it’s fresh in my mind I wanted to write it up.  This is not paid, just my own experiences.

I am 51 and have had Botox over the last three years.  Botox does work, but the older you get, the more you need!  Three years ago, I could have a couple of injections a year, but now it doesn’t seem to last for more than a couple of months.  I was also noticing that the Botox I was having on my forehead was leading to lines under my eyes and I was developing odd lines far up on my temples.  The reality is that your face moves over time and unless you want to freeze your entire face, the lines tend to move somewhere else.

I also detest the feeling of heaviness that I get after Botox.

This is where Viscoderm hydrobooster comes in.  It’s a natural product and this is important for me as I get older.  You have heard me talk about hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in our skin, but it dissipates as we gets older; it’s what gives our skin that bounce.  I have also written and spoken about Profhilo before, which is also hyaluronic acid.  The difference is that a hyrdobooster is thicker in consistency and is used to stretch out lines and smooth them.

The treatment itself is one of the more uncomfortable ones that I have had.  The product is injected in multiple needle points, for me it was my forehead and around my eyes.  I had nearly 20 injections.  You are numb and afterwards I was left with quite a lot of swelling and bruising.

It took a week for the bruising to disappear but it took another two weeks for the track marks on my forehead to fade.  My under eye area took four weeks to settle down.

My crows feet have now gone, as have the lines on my forehead, and you are left with a much more natural evenness than you would get with Botox.  It also feels much more comfortable.  I had the same improvement on my forehead and crows feet as the photos below.

You must keep massaging the areas very softly to ensure the hydrobooster is fully absorbed.

I was initially a bit worried after I had it done and was not convinced that I would have the treatment again, but a month on, the effects are phenomenal.  The lines are gone, but in a very natural way.  It works best with your resting lines, I still have smile lines, but this makes your face your own and more natural looking.

I like my own face and at nearly 50 you cannot completely hold back time.  I am after a natural rested look which Viscoderm provides.

You need two treatments, two months apart, and you are done for the year.  The cost is £300 per session.

This is a treatment that needs an expert hand as there are a lot of injections required.  I am loyal to Dr. Surbhi, she is no-nonsense, super careful yet has an artistic eye too.  You can text her on 07841 356 906 if you would like to find it more.

Obviously this is not something that you can have done during our lockdown, but if you are looking for treatments that really work to combat deep lines, then Viscoderm hyrobooster is one that I am happy to recommend. If you are a bit worried try Profhilo first as there is no downtime and you can get a feel for the effects of hyaluronic acid.

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