Posted: March 21, 2016 6:06am

My name is Anne Marie Gee and I have become an exercise bore!

Yes it has only taken me 45 years, to understand, what for a long time seemed madness to me, people actually wanting to exercise and missing it when they couldn’t. Well that is me now, from fair weather, sporadic exerciser to going 4 times a week.

It is all down to Heartcore, I have not been paid to write this, this comes from the heart. I have at last found a routine that works for my lifestyle and my body. I remember just after Christmas, thinking my days of showing my arms are gone.  I am glad I didn’t give up and I wanted to show people, regular, harder training does pay off.


Heartcore is all about efficient exercise, the classes are 55 minutes long, they are fine tuned so that every minute is spent honing a part of your body.

It is a people business, the owner Jess, is evangelical and she takes care of her staff and her customers, like they were part of her family.  They care and when you head to the studio, the girls always are so attentive and welcoming .


The studio, I use in St Johns Wood, is a such a light and welcoming space, it is a converted church and the light just streams in through the floor length windows, I was so tired of exercising in dark basements. It really does make such a difference if the space is light and welcoming.



The reality is unless I saw results, it would all mean  nothing. I go 3 to 4 times a week and have not changed my diet or wine drinking, yet my body has changed .

My ass has lifted, my bingo wings are gone and my legs have those definition lines. If I was a bit more disciplined ( but I won’t be as I love bread and wine too much) my tummy would be sorted.


I had heard about Heartcore but I had dismissed it for really fit people, who know how to do press ups and burpee.

Yes some are very fit but most are like me, just doing their best to avoid the jiggle and get stronger. The class sizes are small, so the instructors can adjust and support you. I prefer it to a personal trainer, as on the days I am just not into it, I can go at my own pace , so I tend not to skip classes . They also allow you to switch to a later class, if you cannot make your booked class, these little things make the difference.


You quickly see an improvement in what you can manage, after my first pilates class I swore no more but after three session I could master 70% and now I would saw I am at 85% .

I love the pilates for the improvement it has made on my core strength, after two C-sections and degenerate disks, I could hardly get my trousers on in the morning, I was so stiff. This is a lot more energetic than the pilates, I was used too, so you burn calories and tone up.


The TRX, is hard and I still cannot do a burpee and to be honest I don’t think I want to but the instructors give me other options. It is a combination of using straps which are suspended and floor work, such as press ups, lunges and star jumps. My heart rate rockets and it burns fat!

HeartcoreNatalie, who runs Barre, is so talented, the exercises are so targeted, that  after the class every muscle aches and it is the class, which is giving me such definition. Everyone I know who has been to her class, always comes back.


I know it is a commitment, it took me 45 years  to get to a point , where I took time for myself to do it but I am  stronger, more confident and in the best shape of my life as a result.

Heartcore currently have studios in lots of locations, so check their website below.

If I am stuck, they don’t mind if I have to bring in Romeo my dog or the kids at the weekend, this flexibility makes, fitting in a class a lot easier.



The classes are so well priced, around £20  and less if you buy a  block and your first class is free, check out the classes and please let me know if you do . If you don’t have a studio nearby, just get a Fitbit and start walking and trying a little running, the Fitbit, encourages me to walk when I can and take the stairs.

Fitness wear by Bionic Bodies and Nike. The top is by Made By Riley and the jacket is by Veronica Beard.

I am so glad I just took time for myself, and addressed the jiggle and didn’t just accept it.

It is not a competition thought, there will always be someone fitter and thinner, who cares as long as you feel strong that is enough in my book.





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