Posted: January 31, 2020 2:35pm

I cannot tell you how tired I am!

I’ve have had two years of exams with the children and I really would love to head to a Spa but between the 11+ and work, there is no time.  My lovely friend Rachel tipped me off to ‘In Parlour’, they are the Rolls Royce of ‘at home’ beauty treatments.  From tans to hair and facials, In Parlour offers them all.

One of the services they specialise in is Self Tanning.

I normally do my own self tan (I love Amanda Harrington) but last week I stepped it up a notch and had one of Amanda’s tanning experts come to my home (via in Parlour) and do a full all-over tan.

It is so different to any other tan that I have had done at home and it is BY FAR THE BEST one I have ever done by a long margin.

Whats different:

  1. Like skincare itself, it is all about the preparation.  My therapist Kelly firstly reviewed my skin and we talked about areas that I wanted covered and contoured.  I have a few thread veins on my legs as well as very high pigmentation on my chest
  2. When you put on your make up, you should always prep your skin first and Kelly did the same, smoothing the Amanda Harrington primer all over.  You can read more about the product itself on my older blog post.  This step ensures that your don’t end up drying out your skin and it avoids that flat colour that you often get with other self tanning ranges
  3. As there are three different tones in the range you are guaranteed to get the colour that matches and complements your skin tone.  Kelly used a brush to apply the tan and this is the secret as you get a much more natural look than can be achieved with a spray gun
  4. The treatment took 1 hour and was so relaxing, you are also touch dry in 10 minutes.  I left the tan overnight and there was very little transfer onto my sheets overnight

The results were magnificent, a truly natural deep colour that has lasted and lasted.  You can book the treatment via In Parlour and it costs £120.  The main difference was that the colour was luminescent and not flat and it was completely seamless.

You can also watch the videos on the Amanda Harrington website.

You can book with In Parlour here, they also offer a a wide range of other at home treatments.  There is nothing run of the mill about In Parlour and the services and therapists are the best in the business.

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Hear more about our story Join our mailing list and receive 10% off your first order