Posted: December 18, 2014 10:14am

As the third generation in the jewellery industry it is not often that I get excited by visiting a jewellers, as despite their beautiful baubles, its not always as fun as it should be. However, at Anne Marie’s suggestion, I went to meet the ladies from Kohatu and Petros this week and I’m so glad I did.

Anne Marie, was so impressed when she spoted a piece on the  headmistress of her daugter’s school, this is no ordinary headmistress, imagine someone with the  panache and style of Jackie Kennedy, crossed with the drive and intelligence of Hilary Clinton.  Having to buy a gift for her stylish mother in law, she popped in, she couldn’t believe the selection of well priced pieces and the attentive service. She also picked up a gorgeous piece for herself.


So to my visit, they are tucked away on Chiltern Street up from the infamous Chiltern Firehouse,this street is really worth a visit. Pop in for a coffee or a glass of wine to the Firehouse and then visit the many fabulous shops along the street.


The fabulous Kohatu and Petros should be top of your list, Johanna and Varney have created an oasis and a haven for jewellery lovers.

BW_StoreInside (1)


Maybe its because they haven’t come through a traditional path into Jewellery (an ex florist and interior designer) or maybe its the their extensive international experiences  (Hong Kong, New Zealand, Greece to name but a few of their past living locations) but the store couldn’t have been more welcoming and I spent a happy hour trying on all their wonderful things. The staff are so warm and knowledgeable and really help you make an informed decision.

kohatu and petros


They design the majority of jewellery themselves inspired by the wonderful stones that they source. However recently they have added a few  small designers which certainly compliment their overall collection and the prices really make this a great place to enhance your wardrobe.



I love the mix of jewellery there really is something for everyone. But what sets this store  apart, is the quality of the pieces they are beautifully finished and really unique.




In addition there is another  amazing service that they offer. Like many people I inherited some coral and other pieces from my late mother in law. The content of some of it is very beautiful but the style is really not me. I have now solved that problem. In addition to designing one off pieces Joanna and Varney are happy to redesign any current pieces you have and amazingly they purely charge the labour fee. A really wonderful way to reinvigorate a tired jewellery box.

K P Rose Gold Hula Hoop Quartz earrings £79-2


So if you haven’t decided what you want for christmas yet, this is definitely a safe place to send your other half (about 40% of their repeat business is male) , or if you looking for great girlfriend gifts or most important that cheer up gift for yourself, I highly recommend a quick trip to Chiltern Street to brighten up you day.






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